Camp Sites in C.A.




List of places we camped in Central America with their GPS locations:

After Mexico and most of Belize there are not many organized campgrounds. We camped in restaurant and hotel parking lots after making some arrangement with management. We always slept in our home even when we parked in resort type hotels (much cheaper than renting a room).

We back tracked a couple of times, once because we needed a competent vet for Trudy and once in Honduras where the route we where going to take across the mountains was too dangerous for our comfort level (threat of bandits and road washouts with the very late rainy season). Always ask the locals about the condition of any dirt roads you might want to take during the rainy season.

We were always very comfortable in the locations we camped in, except for Granada, Nicaragua where we were hassled in the middle of the night for money!

There might have been better places to camp than the ones we chose, but at times, especially in Costa Rica, we were restricted to places we could go because of Trudy (she was not allowed in the National Parks, some of which have excellent campgrounds). But, just knowing that there is a possible good place to camp where we had camped will make life a little easier for you. However there is always the possibility that the hotel, restaurant or field we camped at no longer exists or now does not allow overnight parking!

Although most of these locations have very easy access there are a couple that I would not attempt in a regular rig i.e. Five Blues Lake in Belize, the trail was very overgrown and there is a least one river to cross and then Crystal Hacienda in El Salvador, this trail is has very large deep potholes and is very narrow and with lots of tight turns. The trail to the Cockscomb Jaguar Sanctuary can be difficult during the rainy season although it wasn't when we visited.

One last thought, all the Mexican and some of the Belize campgrounds are very well documented in the Church's Mexican Camping book.

 Enjoy because we certainly did.

La Pesca, MX La Gaviota Restaurante N23 47.233 W97 47.570
Costa Esmeraldo, MX Trailer Park Neptuno N20 16.556 W96 49.360
Teotihuacan, MX Teotihuacan Trailer Park N19 40.580 W98 52.124
Puebla, MX Trailer Park Las Americas N19 04.228 W98 17.388
Catemaco, MX Trailer Park La Ceiba N18 25.011 W95 06.535
Isla Aquada, MX La Cabana RV Park N18 46.591 W91 29.405
Bacalar, MX Cenote Azul Trailer Park N18 38.467 W88 24.494
Paa Mul, MX Paa Mul N20 31.225 W87 11.362
Corozol, BZ Caribbean Village RV Park N18 22.991 W88 23.751
Orange Walk, BZ Victor's Inn & Restaurant N18 05.014 W88 32.269
Monkey Bay, BZ JB's Watering Hole N17 19.064 W88 34.351
Cockscomb, BZ Cockscomb Jaguar Sanctuary N16 46.827 W88 27.543
Punta Gorda, BZ Punta Gorda Dock N16 07.181 W88 48.149
Five Blues Lake, BZ Five Blues Lake Nature Sanctuary N17 07.952 W88 35.870
San Ignacio, BZ Inglewood Camping Grounds N17 08.347 W89 05.246
Tikal, GT Tikal National Park Campground N17 13.486 W89 36.673
Poptun, GT Finca Ixobel N16 18.168 W89 25.215
Rio Dulce, GT Hotel La Ensenada N15 39.442 W88 59.534
Rio Hondo, GT Hotel Nuevo Pasabien N15 00.310 W89 40.278
Purulha, GT Country Delight N15 14.176 W90 15.094
Tecpan, GT Hacienda Tecpan N14 45.538 W90 58.823
Panajachel, GT Hotel Tzanjuyu N14 44.540 W91 09.805
Amatitlan, GT La Red Trailer Park N14 25.957 W90 39.300
Monterrico, GT A local family's front yard N13 53.436 W90 28.939
Santa Rita, HON Hacienda El Jaral N14 52.149 W89 03.606
Largo De Yajoa, HON Los Bemos Hotel N14 47.607 W87 58.987
La Ceiba, HON Hotel Partheon N15 47.646 W86 47.157
Choluteca, HON Hotel Gualiqueme N13 18.856 W87 11.485
Granada, NIC Complejo Turistico N11 55.088 W85 56.227
Mayasa, NIC Volcanic Park Mayasa N12 00.181 W86 08.913
Playa Pochotes, C.R. 3 Corners Resort N11 02.539 W85 43.420
Playa Del Coco, C.R. Hotel Villa Flores N10 33.139 W85 41.634
San Jose, C.R. Belen Trailer Park N9 58.801 W84 10.726
Arenal, C.R. Arenal Volcano N10 27.763 W84 44.388
Los Canas, C.R. Hotel Capazuri N10 26.603 W85 06.650
San Miguel, El Sal Turicentro San Miguel N13 30.034 W88 10.581
El Espino, El Sal Playa El Espino N13 10.301 W88 17.790
Cerro Verde, El Sal Crystal Hacienda N13 49.907 W89 37.827
Huehuetenango, GT Hotel San Fransico N15 18.692 W91 29.111


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