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Shrine in Silver Mine.

Mina El Eden, Zacatacas Mexico. Shrine where miners prayed for their safety inside the silver mine in the center of the city. At one time up to 5 people a day died working in the mine.



Surf Breaking.

San Pattricio-Melaque, Mexico. The pounding surf actually caused The Rig to shudder & shake.




Hand made inlaid table.

Outside Acapulco, Mexico. Young man putting the final touches to his handiwork.

Gran Plaza

Monte Alban ruins near Oaxaca, Mexico. The huge size of the plaza took our breath away.



Rug Maker

This woman was truly enjoying her craft. Outside Oaxaca, Mexico.

Icy-cold Bathing Pools.

Hierve El Agua (The Water Boils), near Oaxaca, Mexico.



Hierve El Agua

The mineral enriched water slowly runs over the cliff top creating the petrified mineral waterfall.


Hierve El Agua

The petrified waterfall and the valley that the waters have irrigated since 1300 BC.

Ruta Puuc.

Between Merida and Campeche, Mexico. This is the ruin of El Palacio, at Sayil.


Ruta Puuc

Another spectacular ruin on the Ruta.

Hummingbird Nest. La Paz, Baja California.

Mother humming bird shading it's almost full grown fledging from the midday sun.

Hummingbird Fledging.

The Humming Bird fledging on it's nest in the campground in La Paz.

Tourist Tree.

So called by the locals, because when it gets too much sun it turns red and sheds a layer of bark just the like the tourists turn red and sheds a layer of skin.

Barranca del Cobre (Copper Canyon)

One of the spectacular views from the seldom visited East Canyon Wall On the road to La Bufa.

Cliff Dwelling outside Creel, Mexico

The indigenous Tarahumara people still occupy the cliff caves around The Copper Canyon.

Paquime Ruins.

Nuevo Casas Grandes, Mexico. Paquime is thought to have been invaded by Apaches in 1340.

Coming Around The Mountain.

Exploring the back roads outside Mata Ortiz, Mexico



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