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As the title suggests, this is a list of people, organizations and businesses that we have found to be helpful, honest or just plain good value. We are not sponsored by anyone and all the stuff we use or services we have bought has been with our own hard earned cash so, therefore, you are not getting a list of people that we have talked into sponsoring us but rather a genuine list of Good Guys.

Escapees RV Club.

We found these guys on the Web and oh! what a find. They are an organization that runs a support system for R. V’ers that includes a mail forwarding service (which we use), a phone calling card (which we have, but seldom use), offer an e-mail address, organize week long RV rallies that are an amazing good value and among other services publish a great magazine for R.V’ers. They are definitely geared to the fulltime R.V. community and offer a wealth of information on how to become a full timer. Membership costs $60.00 per year, which includes a subscription to the magazine. The mail forwarding service cost $50.00 per year plus the cost of postage.

Ford Motor Company.

After the way Ford handled our warranty claim for the work done in Mexico they deserve to be on the Good Guys page. I think that Ford as a company wants to do the right thing for the customer but they must rely on a network of independent dealers who have their own ideas on what is right and what is wrong. As we travel full time we have had the opportunity to deal with Ford Dealerships all over the country to help us solve various problems. We therefore, have dealt with dealers who can't do enough for you and we have dealt with dealers who can't wait to get rid of you. But Ford as a company, has so far, come through for us when we needed it to.

Mexican Connection Chapter of the Escapees RV Club (Chapter 8).

This is a sub-group of Escapees that is geared to introducing club members to travel in Mexico. They publish a monthly newsletter and organize yearly RV rallies into Mexico. The rallies are incredibly reasonably priced; they only charge you for the actual cost of the campsites, all other services are provided by volunteers. The 1st rally we went on with them cost us less than $130 for about 8 days including lectures and booklets on how to cross the border and obtain Mexican insurance. Membership is $8.00 per year.

Contact: Bob & Carol Torns at and include "Attn: Chap. 8" in the subject line.

D & R Family R.V.

We first used Ron (the R in D & R) to install our Solar Panels on the Winnebago and found him to be knowledgeable, friendly and good value. We have since used him for warranty work on our Atwood Water Heater on the Winnebago (after 5 other RV Service places couldn’t solve the problem). Ron designed and installed the custom battery tray for the golf-cart batteries on the Xcursion and installed the inverter and solar panels. He also suggested the solution for our grey water capacity problem on the Xcursion and then he ordered and installed our new grey water tank for us. He also installed our K&C back-up lights and wired them so that they worked like true back-up lights, they only come on when we shift into reverse and the headlights are on. Our PIAA driving lights were installed and wired by him as well. Everything works perfectly... he is truly a genius when it comes to motorhome components.

Contact: D & R Family R.V. 6344 W. Orangewood #7, Glendale, AZ 85301 (623-842-1265).

Xplorer Motor Homes.

These were the only guys that we could find that would make any changes we wished to their rig so that it fitted our needs. They literally built a custom rig for us. Joe at Xplorer worked with us every step of the way making sure that things turned out the way we expected them to. We have used them to complete warranty work for us and have been very satisfied.

Rolling Homes Publications.

Mike and Terri Church have written the finite guides to camping in Mexico. Their 2 titles are Mexican Camping and Baja Camping. They include must know information like the English translation of Spanish road signs, border crossing information and buying gas in Mexico. They also suggest a number of routes to take and what roads to use on the routes. They have visited each campground themselves. A must have publication for RV travel in Mexico.

RV Water Filter Store.

Rick knows water filters and carries a huge supply of filters, pumps, regulators and hoses. We have used him to install ceramic filters on all of our rigs and most recently to install the Reverse Osmosis System on the Xcursion. He is always willing to help with problems over the phone. Very honest and reasonably priced. We highly recommend.

Universal City Animal Hospital.

It may seem strange to include an animal hospital on a Good Guys list for RV adventure travel but if you traveling through Texas and are near San Antonio and your pets need any medical attention call these guys and they will fit you in. They are compassionate, knowledgeable and unlike many other veterinarians, good value. We have gone hundreds of miles out of our way to have our pets looked after by Dr Leo Gates or Dr Procter.

Contact: Universal City Animal Hospital, 2510 Pat Brooker Rd., Universal City, TX 78148 210-658-6326



Ron at D & R Family R.V.





















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